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KORE Essentials Gun Belt
  • KORE Essentials Gun Belt

    Kore Gun Belts are here, time swap over to a belt made to hold weight. 


    • One size fits all (from 24” up to 54") and 1.5" wide, simply cut down the excess belt to fit your body. Great for IWB carry to cinch the belt down comfortably.
    • Classic style EDC belt buckles perfect for work, dress or casual situations, because no one needs to know you’re carrying.
    • Choose X5, X7 buckle styles. Mechanism and function are identical.
    • Belt secured to buckle using teeth clamp and 2 set screws with hex wrench (included). These are the same buckles sold with all the gun belt sets. Includes matching Belt Keeper to keep the tip of your belt secure against your waist.


    *Limited quantity and options available for now

    *Please contact us if you have any questions about the belt sizing

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